custom machining services for a range of industries


Regardless of the industry, precision and accuracy are key when it comes to high-end CNC machining. At 4 Flutes Machining, our experienced team has provided custom machining services to a wide range of industries. With our expansive expertise and high-quality machining equipment, we have the ability to complete even the toughest projects.


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Military defense, weapon systems, bombs, and more.


Airplane parts, landing gear components, food serving assemblies, custom interior parts.


Space shuttles and other spacecraft.


Medical equipment, robotic, and handheld devices.


Electronic casings and electrical boxes.


Rotating assemblies, pivot components, baring and differential housings.

Oil and Gas

Pumps, seals, valves, etc.

Food and Beverage

Valve blocks, filler nosels, and peripheral equipment

Hot Rods

Custom accessory parts and engine components.

Thermoforming Tools

Prototype cavities, production cavities, assist plugs, die plates, die shoes, dies, and gauging equipment.

driven by a DEDICATED team



Now more than ever, it’s important to work with a CNC machining company staffed by dedicated employees who show up ready to work every day. If you need a project done in a timely manner, partner with 4 Flutes Machining today.

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